Our Orchestra

Our period-instrument orchestra varies in size depending on repertoire and venue, and comprises some of the leading players in the field. It has won consistently high praise from public and critics alike for its fresh, dynamic sound, and performs symphonies and concertos as well as operas.

Eighteenth-century instruments are very different from their modern counterparts. Access to new materials through global trade and advances in technology mean that today’s instruments are lighter, more robust and generally louder. Most eighteenth-century instruments are far more exposed and difficult to play than their modern equivalents, but they bring a thrilling vibrancy and immediacy to the music. This is particularly true of vocal repertoire, where the orchestra provides a dynamic subtext and often becomes an extra character in the drama. Like Mozart’s musicians, our players are able to improvise around a given melody or harmonic sequence, bringing their own interpretation to a work and ensuring that audiences never hear the same thing twice.