Arne: Artaxerxes

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CD 1

  1. Overture (Poco piu che andante - Larghetto - Gavotta)5:13
  2. Recitative: "Still silence reigns around"0:29
  3. No.1, Duettino: "Fair Aurora, prithee stay"2:16
  4. Recitative: "Alas, thou know'st that for my love to thee"1:13
  5. No.2, Air: "Adieu, thou lovely youth"3:21
  6. Recitative: "O cruel parting! How can I survive?"0:57
  7. No.3, Air: "Amid a thousand racking woes"4:38
  8. Recitative: "Be firm, my heart"1:26
  9. No.4, Air: "Behold, on Lethe's dismal strand"3:36
  10. Recitative: "Stay, Artaxerxes, stay"0:29
  11. No.5, Air: "Fair Semira, lovely maid" 3:26
  12. Recitative: "I fear some dread disaster"1:29
  13. No.6, Air: "When real joy we miss"1:59
  14. Recitative: "Ye Gods, protectors of the Persian Empire"0:36
  15. No.7, Air: "How hard is the fate"4:01
  16. Recitative: "Whither do I fly?"3:23
  17. No.8, Air: "Thy father! Away, I renounce the soft claim"1:23
  18. Recitative: "Ye cruel Gods, what crime have I committed"0:14
  19. No.9, Air: "Acquit thee of this foul offence"1:27
  20. Recitative: "Appearance, I must own, is strong against me"0:48
  21. No.10, Air: "O too lovely, too unkind"4:24
  22. Accompanied recitative: "Dear and beloved shade"0:48
  23. No.11, Air: "Fly, soft ideas, fly"5:01
  24. Recitative: "Guards, speed ye to the tower"0:37
  25. No.12, Air: "In infancy, our hopes and fears"2:12
  26. Recitative: "So far my great resolve succeeds"1:28
  27. No.13, Air: "Disdainful you fly me"2:46
  28. Recitative: "Why, my dear friend, so pensive, so inactive?"2:05
  29. No.14, Air: "To sigh and complain"1:51
  30. Recitative: "How many links to dire misfortune's chain"1:12
  31. No.15, Air: "If o'er the cruel tyrant love"3:00

CD 2

  1. Recitative: "Which fatal evil shall I first oppose?"0:31
  2. No.16, Air: "If the river's swelling waves"2:34
  3. Recitative: "Ye solid pillars of the Persian Empire"5:00
  4. No.17, Air: "By that belov'd embrace"3:31
  5. Recitative: "Ah me, at poor Arbaces' parting"0:46
  6. No.18, Air: "Monster, away"2:36
  7. Recitative: "See, lov'd Semira"1:02
  8. Accompanied recitative: "At last my soul has room"0:37
  9. No.19, Air: "Thou, like the glorious sun"4:58
  10. No.20, Air: "Why is death for ever late"2:57
  11. Recitative: "Arbaces! Gracious Heav'n, what's this I see?"1:13
  12. No.21, Air: "Water parted from the sea"2:19
  13. Recitative: "That face, secure in conscious innocence"0:25
  14. No.22, Air: "Though oft a cloud with envious shade"3:38
  15. Recitative: "My son, Arbaces... where art thou retir'd?"1:52
  16. No.23, Air: "O let the danger of a son"2:15
  17. Accompanied recitative: "Ye adverse Gods!"0:41
  18. No.24, Air: "O, much lov'd son, if death"5:15
  19. Recitative: "Perhaps the King releas'd Arbaces"1:34
  20. No.25, Air: "Let not rage, thy bosom firing"4:24
  21. Recitative: "What have I done? Alas, I vainly thought"0:24
  22. No.26, Air: "'Tis not true that in our grief"4:08
  23. Recitative: "Nor here my searching eyes can find Mandane"1:20
  24. No.27, Duetto: "For thee I live, my dearest"3:37
  25. Recitative: "To you, my people, much belov'd"2:20
  26. No.28, Air: "The soldier, tir'd of war's alarms"3:33
  27. Recitative: "Behold, my King, Arbaces at thy feet"2:25
  28. No.29, "Finale: Live to us, to Empire live"3:36