Mozart: Apollo et Hyacinthus

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“The Classical Opera Company’s polished début in Apollo et Hyacinthus proved a pearl beyond price. Here was a work of staggering beauty, riddled with sweet noises like Caliban’s enchanted isle.” Independent

Classical Opera’s recording of Apollo et Hyacinthus marked the launch of its major Mozart Opera Recording Cycle.

Apollo et Hyacinthus was written when the composer was only eleven years old. It is based on a tale from Ovid’s Metamorphoses and, unusually, is in Latin. The music is astonishingly accomplished, already revealing an extraordinary instinct and ability to capture the essence of each dramatic situation, and one can hear numerous pre-echoes of the masterpieces of Mozart’s maturity.

Classical Opera’s previous performances of the work have attracted unanimous critical acclaim.

“This is a fine achievement. Ian Page’s direction of Apollo carries rich promise of his ability to deliver a valuable contribution to historically-informed Mozart opera performance… Tempos, balance and phrasing all convey the impression we are in the company of that rare beast, an instinctive Mozartian.” Opera