In search of Haydn

Ian Page, Classical Opera and soloists Sophie Bevan, Anna James and Thomas Hobbs are featured in acclaimed film-maker Phil Grabsky’s new film, ‘In Search of Haydn’.

The film was premiéred at The Barbican on 12 January 2012, and is released on DVD on 5 March.

It will also be broadcast in four 30-minute episodes on Sky Arts 2 in March and April, and will enjoy a limited cinema release.

The film follows Grabsky’s previous ‘In Search of Mozart’ and ‘In Search of Beethoven’, and has garnered outstanding reviews.

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“Phil Grabsky completes an admirable trilogy with this riveting study of Haydn.”

“Part of the success of the film lies in just talking to very intelligent and authoritative people – musicians, conductors, historians – and letting them have their say, simple as that. These commentators give the film a real IQ-vitamin boost; it’s a bracing and refreshing experience.”